Lord Kitchener once said – “Your country needs you”. This might sound corny – but your association also needs you. We need your views, suggestions, expertise and involvement to ensure the continued success of BIALL.

In the last BIALL Newsletter, we included an invitation for nominations for the election of officers and members. Some BIALL members have asked for further information and have asked why they should put themselves forward. So read on!

BIALL is an association made up of volunteers. All of our committees and post holders are volunteers and offer their time and expertise free of charge to our association. Those people active in BIALL are either elected to the role (by our members) or are nominated and agreed by Council.

Those posts which are elected include President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Council Officers. Those not elected by our members include Committee Chairs and Members – these are suggested by the individual committees and approved by Council

So – what positions are on offer at present?

  • President -Head of the association with responsibility for chairing council meetings and hosting BIALL’s annual conference. The President also has overall responsibility for Council and all committees and liaises with other international associations. If unopposed – the current President Elect David Wills will assume the role of President after Daniella King steps down.

  • President Elect -In charge of Strategy and Finance in relation to the various BIALL committees. This person will resume the role of President after one year if unopposed. This position is currently available for nominations.

  • Treasurer – Responsible for the administration of the finances of the Association and is therefore accountable to the Council. The role is for 2 years – our current Treasurer Alden Bowers is standing for re-election

  • Council Members -Five council members currently sit on the BIALL council. They have responsibility for liaising with specific BIALL committees and the role is for 2 years. There are currently two council places available for nominations.

If you would like information regarding any of these roles please contact Daniella King BIALL President.

Apart from these positions all our committees are looking for additional members. You can review the full list of committees on the BIALL website. More information on the work of individual committees is available from the committee chair.

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