Duplicates Exchange Scheme

Are you driven mad by missing journal issues?

Do you have stock you wish to dispose of?

Look no further …

The Duplicates Exchange Scheme has been operational almost continuously since 1972 and there are approximately 80 members.

The scheme is the means by which all Libraries can share resources, helping both large and small firms, academic and government Libraries. The scheme facilitates the obtaining of missing periodical parts, old textbooks and directories and off-loading surplus material you can’t face throwing in the bin. There is no obligation on any participant to offer materials on the list. The scheme is not run on an “item for item” basis. It operates three times a year, with exchanges in October, February and June.

How does it work?

Every four months members compile a list of material on offer as a Word document and email it to the organiser. The organiser then collates the lists into one large Word document and emails it to members a few days before the next Exchange Day. Members then look through the lists and note which items they need. There is an embargo on requesting items until 10am of the Exchange Day (always a Friday) as items are allocated on a first come first served basis. It is up to each individual to contact the Library offering the materials directly and there is usually a “mad dash” to get in quick for the popular items. Some organisations prefer requests to only be made by one method e.g. email or fax and some libraries will require postage to be reimbursed over a particular amount. Law firms usually use DX to deliver their items if the requester also has a DX box.

What are the subscription rates?

You will need Word to access the file and your email service must be able to handle emails with large attachments.

The annual subscription for organisations or individuals who are BIALL members is £32 + VAT. If you or your organisation is not a BIALL members the rate is £50 + VAT.

If you would like to join the Scheme, please contact Catherine McArdle

Please login in to view the current duplicates list and details of the next exchange day here (BIALL members only):

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