Nominations & Volunteers Committee


  • To oversee and encourage Members to stand as Council Officers
  • To oversee and encourage Members to stand as Ordinary Council Members
  • To oversee and encourage Members to stand as Chair and Vice-Chair for Standing Committees
  • To oversee and encourage Members to stand as ordinary members of Standing Committees

Terms of Reference:

  1. To oversee the process of ensuring that appropriate personnel are nominated for key positions in the Association.
  2. To ensure that Council and Standing Committees are appropriately resourced.
  3. To provide an overview of where additional resources are required.
  4. To act as a central reference point to which Members can be directed for information on volunteering.
  5. To attend to issues of succession planning in collaboration with Standing Committee Chairs and Council Liaison Members.

BIALL Committees

BIALL committees are in charge of organising activities, events, publications and other products of interest to the BIALL community. Committees help keep BIALL running and find ways to help BIALL support it’s members in the best way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for a BIALL committee, please see the Nominations & Volunteers Committee page for details of how to do so.

Anneli Sarkanen

Anneli Sarkanen


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