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I draw your attention to the spring issue of Legal Information Management which has recently been published both in print and electronically. The issue begins by reflecting on the life and career of one of colleagues, Barbara Zolynski who sadly died in October 2015. There follows a short ‘Focus on Official Publications’. Jennie Grimshaw presents an overview of the transition of UK government publishing from print to electronic and describes the tools being developed by the British Library in collaboration with the other five legal deposit libraries, to collect, preserve, organise and provide access to born digital government publications. Hannah Chandler writes about official publishing from the perspective of the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford and describes the challenges of not only giving access to information in perpetuity, but also making it accessible to the information professional and user. Our ‘International Perspectives’ section brings three contributions from North America. First, Margo Jeske, Channarong Itahchomphoo and Emily Landriault contribute a piece entitled The Intersection of Freedom of Information, Privacy Legislation and Library Services in Canadian Jurisdictions. Then, Cheryl Caballero, Erica Smith and Rosalind Guldner, members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly indexing team, describe the challenges of indexing legislative text. Finally, Alison Shea, from Fordham Law Library, looks at No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways to Monitor U.S. Legal Information.

The ‘Current Issues’ section includes articles on a number of topics. Rosemary Auchmuty and Erika Rackley write on the celebration of 100 years of women in law in the UK and Ireland through the ‘Women’s Legal Landmarks Project’. Steve Whittle describes how the historic case papers from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council have been made available online. Michael Maher reflects on the history of the library at the Law Society as it notches up 184 years. Daniel Bates provides the first of two papers concerning the process for creating high quality audio and video recordings to capture knowledge or experience in an organisation. Finally, Josephine Bailey gives a student’s perspective on current LIS qualifications, what they can offer to individuals hoping to enter the profession and the challenges facing new library professionals in today’s world. As always the issue closes with the Current Awareness section complied by Katherine Read and Laura Griffiths.

Future LIMs 2016

* The Summer 2016 LIM will feature papers presented at a recent BL/SLSA/IALS socio-legal training day on Sources and Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice. 
* Autumn 2016 will concentrate on law firm and knowledge management issues.
* Winter 2016 will feature many papers and presentations given at the 2016 BIALL annual conference to held in Dublin.

Anyone wishing to contribute papers to the journal on any legal information-related topics, please contact David Wills.

David Wills, LIM Editor

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