In three weeks, on Friday 8th June, BIALL will be holding its 2018 AGM as part of the Birmingham Conference. This is the only part of the Conference where there is added security to ensure that no-one who is not a BIALL member gets in, so it must be the most exciting session of the weekend.

There is one sense in which this is the most important session of the Conference, which is that any member of the Association is entitled to ask questions of BIALL Council and the various Committees, or give feedback to them on the activities of the Association over the past year. Obviously we are very interested in receiving your comments and suggestions throughout the year, but at the AGM everything is formally minuted, so we are fully accountable to the membership. I will be making the minutes of last year’s session available on the website very shortly, as part of the documentation that will be available to all members in advance of this year’s AGM.

Please send any contributions or questions to me at, or to the current President-Elect Dunstan Speight (copied into this message), who will be chairing the Have Your Say part of the AGM. If you send questions in advance of the Conference, then we will endeavour to obtain a response from appropriate BIALL representatives that can then be delivered at the session. This also means that those who are not attending the Conference are able to have their questions and concerns put to the AGM on their behalf. However, you are also welcome to grab one of us during the conference, and we’ll do our best to get a response for you anyway. Everyone will receive a formal written response as soon as is feasible after the Conference.

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