Salary Survey

BIALL is pleased to announce that the results from the 2016/2017 BIALL Salary Survey are now available to download from the BIALL website (log in required).

This comprehensive document enables law librarians and information professionals to compare their job and pay with colleagues in other organisations in the academic, private or public sectors. The purpose of the survey is to provide our members with a benchmark document which can be used in salary negotiations.

Changes to the Survey

This year we made some amendments to the salary survey, namely asking respondents to attribute a specific cause to the impact of social and economic conditions. Previously this question had referred to the 2008 financial crisis but this year we amended the question to allow respondents the opportunity to refer to any other events, such as government cuts or Brexit, to what they were seeing in their organisations. The results of these questions can be found on p.71 onwards.

Big Thanks

Our continued thanks to Dr. Shona McTavish who prepared the analysis for the salary survey on behalf of BIALL.

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