Email Forum

BIALL has its own email forum hosted by JISCMail. It is available exclusively to BIALL Members and is designed for communications where you think your message is suitable for BIALL Members only. Postings to the BIALL list may include:

  • Announcements to Members
  • Questions about the workings of BIALL
  • Topics for discussion between Members
  • Pleas for help
  • Messages from Regional or Special Interest Groups

The JISCMAIL etiquette policy applies, and advertising to the list is not permitted.  Anyone abusing the list will be removed from the List by the Administrator.

As the List is exclusively for BIALL members only the following email addresses will be registered:

  • personal members – the email address linked to your membership
  • Institutional members – the domain for that institution

When your membership subscription to BIALL lapses, you will no longer to eligible to join the list and your email address will be removed.

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