PR & Promotions Committee


  • To promote the work of BIALL to its membership and the wider information community
  • To co-ordinate the official response of BIALL on any matter affecting the interests of its membership

Terms of Reference:

  1. To promote and develop the publicity mechanisms of BIALL
  2. To build on the current promotional activities and recommend additional avenues of promoting BIALL
  3. To maintain awareness of current trends and respond appropriately on BIALL’s behalf
  4. To participate in lobbying as necessary
  5. To develop and foster relationships with the media, including building and maintaining the list of media contacts and collecting media pieces about BIALL for the BIALL archives
  6. To proactively promote BIALL in the media
  7. To promote the legal information profession
  8. To develop and sustain relationships with other organisations, including overseas organisations
  9. To ensure that attention is given to coverage in all the jurisdictions of the British Isles
  10. To ensure that all promotional processes and contacts are adequately recorded for passing on to future Committee members.



The PR and Promotions Committee will consider lobbying on issues which are raised by members.

If you feel there is an issue which would benefit from the involvement of the Committee, please provide further details via the online form.

BIALL Committees

BIALL committees are in charge of organising activities, events, publications and other products of interest to the BIALL community. Committees help keep BIALL running and find ways to help BIALL support it’s members in the best way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for a BIALL committee, please see the Nominations & Volunteers Committee page for details of how to do so.

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Diane Miller

Diane Miller


Committee Members

Jas Breslin

Council Liaison

Eleanor White

Web Liaison

Helen Dods

Ian Golightly

Sarah Kennedy

Meg Kribble

Allie Lustigman

Beth Watkins

Angela Wright

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