The full report on the recent BIALL/SLS Academic Law Libraries Survey 2015/16 (member log in required), is now available for BIALL members to consult. The survey has been run on an annual basis since 1996 and this year was sponsored by the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS). 

It outlines the activities and funding of academic law libraries in the UK and Ireland for the academic year 2015/16. The report is based on completed survey questionnaires from 97 academic law libraries in the UK and Ireland – a record response rate of over 86%.

The report will also be published in an upcoming issue of Legal Information Management.

Many thanks to David Gee, Deputy Librarian, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, for his time and efforts on completing this report, and to Laura Griffiths, assistant librarian at IALS, for all the administrative and statistical assistance she has given David.

Anneli Sarkanen
BIALL President



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