I have the great pleasure of informing you that the new BIALL website has now been launched. A little behind our original schedule (technology: can’t live with it, can’t live without it!) but the new website is now live for you to enjoy.

But before you dash over to see the new site, do read on for a bit of history behind the upgrade and about logging into the website for Member-only content.

The website upgrade was long overdue, with the version we had been used to in existence since 2009. Not that long ago in human terms but in web technology terms huge changes have taken place, most notably the rise of use of smartphones and tablets to access the web. The old website was not responsive to the different ways users were accessing it and this is one of the issues that has been addressed with the new website. 

Not only were web advances a reason to update the website, but the bespoke content management system the website was hosted and built on was no longer going to be supported nor upgraded so could no longer be relied upon.  

In early 2017, BIALL Council engaged NetVine Ltd to undertake the work on creating the new website and an incredible amount of effort has been put into getting the new site ready in around only 4 months. 

So what has changed? 

For the casual visitor, it will be obvious that the look and feel of the website has changed and hopefully things are clearer and easier to find. Some key differences: the blog is now integrated as part of the site, not a separate entity on Blogger (and can still be subscribed via your RSS reader: http://biall.org.uk/blog/); there is more information on BIALL’s Council members with a bit more about who they are and their BIALL histories; and a free taster of Legal Information Management will be available to members and non-members alike via a non-printable flip book. 

Member Only Content 

As before, there is some member only content – current issues of the newsletter; committee minutes; Salary Surveys etc.  

Your old BIALL usernames and passwords will not work on the new site. To gain access to member-only content, you will need to go to the login screen and click on the forgotten password link, entering the email associated with your BIALL membership. You will be then be sent your password reset details – do check your spam folder if you don’t receive it. If you find yourself having problems here, not receiving the reset email/your details not being recognised then please email netvinedesign@gmail.com outlining the problem. 

As of going live not all of the member content is available. The reason for this is that we have also just moved all our documents to a new document management platform managed by Soutron, and the documents need to be manually linked from the website. This, combined with the updating several now out of date documents, means that it will probably be a couple of months before everything is fully accessible again. 

We are also aware that the search function is not fully working but hope this will be resolved soon. 

There are more improvements to come: including making it easier for members to sign up to courses and handle future renewals, and making the management of Institutional/Corporate memberships easier too. More details on these things soon! 

So what do you think? 

We would love to know! Feedback, good or bad, can be sent to netvinedesign@gmail.com 


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