This winning team for non-commercial has had an almost phoenix like revival in the last few years. When arising from a consultation on its possible closure or outsourcing, it has proved how invaluable its service is to the legal profession, from small to large law firms and from in-house to government user, with a score of over 97% for customer engagement in an independently run customer service study. This active engagement exercise with members across the country was also reflected in the library team winning the Law Society’s Team of the Year Award in 2016 out of 26 nominees.

Many of the comments from its users reflect the high regard with which their research is held, being praised for their exceptional level of service alongside many comments for being speedy, responsive, and efficient;  and it should be noted a quality we all need when dealing with lawyers  -patience.

The winner of the 2017 LexisLibrary Award for the non-commercial sector is The Law Society of England and Wales

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