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Why you should advertise here?

– There are around 1000 members of BIALL, both personal and institutional. Almost every legal information unit is represented – academic legal research libraries, units in commercial, technical and industrial concerns, the courts and government departments.

– Many legal information professionals do not belong to CILIP or more general information associations and so may not be reached by going through those routes.

– BIALL website is read by both BIALL members and potential members, ensuring that your advertisement will be reach your target market.

– The BIALL website has an average of 300 visitors per day.

– Online advertising costs less than printed formats.

– Your advertisement is visible until your closing date.

How much does it cost?

Our Current rates are as follows:


  • £70 per advert for Non-Members
  • £60 per advert for Members

Where applicable VAT will be included on the invoice for the ad.

Do you offer discounts for multiple postings?

If you are interested in placing more than one Job ad, we will offer discounts on multiple postings.


For example: Three adverts placed for the price of two.

Please contact the Job Board editor for details.

How do I submit an ad?
  • Advertisements should be sent to the Job Board editor
  • The ad text should be sent as word or text files.
  • Advertisements will ONLY be published it they have a CLOSING DATE
  • Please quote your BIALL Membership number to qualify for Member rate
  • You must state that you agree to pay the charges.
  • There is no need for payment in advance, you will be invoiced.
  • Please include your CORRECT business name and address for the purpose of generating the Invoice.
  • If you require a purchase order number please remember to supply one
Do you post all job requests?

All job vacancy adverts are posted at the discretion of BIALL, and we reserve to right to not accept adverts.

How do I find out more information about an advertised job?

If you need more information about any job advertised on the BIALL website you should contact the advertiser directly, as the only information BIALL possesses is included in the ad.

“…I have found Job Board to be a useful additional means of advertising vacancies and we have received some high quality applications from individuals who have seen a job advertised there. I would certainly recommend it to other organisations with legal information vacancies.”

“…It worked indirectly in that one BIALL member saw it and passed it on to the successful candidate. My firm love the fact that they only pay one small fee and don’t have to pay a recruitment agency 20% of salary. I think it is ideal for those who have a foothold in the profession anyway but I deliberately didn’t use it when we were looking for a entirely new entrant because I didn’t think it would get to the right pool of people. So I would definitely use it again if we were looking for someone experienced, mainly because its so targetted.”

“…I would definitely use it again. It is easy to use, very reasonable priced and is targeted at those either already in, or interested in, the law sector…I like the fact that we get email alerts when there is a new position advertised because even if you’re not actually looking for another job it is always useful to keep an eye open…”

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