Supplier Liaison Group


  • To promote the better administration and exploitation of resources in member libraries
  • To develop relationships with information providers including publishers, agents and distributors of all media
  • To represent the interests of members in appropriate forums

Terms of Reference:

  1. To keep under review and promote improvements in information provision for Law Libraries in any format
  2. To keep under review and promote improvements in publications from the Stationery Office and other Government agencies, especially from the United Kingdom, Irish and European Community sources
  3. To keep under review and promote improvements in information technology affecting legal information provisions
  4. To collect and publish management information related to legal information provision
  5. To keep under review and promote improvements in the preservation of legal materials in any format
  6. To liaise with legal publishers and other vendors
  7. To establish and as appropriate act on the views of the membership with regard to legal information provision
  8. To organise and run a Q&A session at the Annual Study Conference
  9. To commission or contribute a speaker at the annual Online Exhibition
  10. To keep law and procedure related to legal information provision under review

BIALL Committees

BIALL committees are in charge of organising activities, events, publications and other products of interest to the BIALL community. Committees help keep BIALL running and find ways to help BIALL support it’s members in the best way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for a BIALL committee, please see the Nominations & Volunteers Committee page for details of how to do so.

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Neil Edward


General contact for SLG matters and suppliers not mentioned below.

Committee Members

Emma Manuell

Vice Chair  & Publisher contact for Thomson Reuters

Sophie Thompson

Publisher contact for Lexis Nexis

Susan Oakes

Publisher contact for HeinOnline

Zoltan Csirko

Web Editor

David Percik

Council Liaison

Jane Taylor-Reid

Corryn Walker

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