Professional Development Committee


  • To promote and support the continuing professional development of Members in conformity with the strategic objectives of the Council

Terms of Reference:

  1. To monitor the continuing professional development needs of members, and canvass opinion on suitable topics for courses and other events.
  2. To offer training courses, seminars, meetings and visits which contribute to the professional development of Members. [Our most popular training courses are the Legal Reference Materials Course and the Legal Foundations Course.]
  3. To liaise with the Conference Committee, and assist with arrangements for speakers and events where required.
  4. To maintain awareness of developments in education and training; wherever possible ensuring that training which is organised for the legal profession meets appropriate curricula, delivery methods and standards of attainment.
  5. To promote initiatives for widening Members’ professional experience, such as staff exchange schemes.

The Committee also organises social events for members, including the BIALL Quiz Night and BIALL Social Evening (formerly the Cheese and Wine Evening).

BIALL Committees

BIALL committees are in charge of organising activities, events, publications and other products of interest to the BIALL community. Committees help keep BIALL running and find ways to help BIALL support it’s members in the best way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for a BIALL committee, please see the Nominations & Volunteers Committee page for details of how to do so.

Legal Foundations Course 2017/18

Please see our Training page for more details.

Applications now open. Please fill out our online booking form to apply for a place on the course.

BIALL Bursaries are also  available for this course, for more details and to apply see the Other Bursaries section of the Bursaries page.

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Rob Turner

Rob Turner


Committee Members

Janine Williamson

Vice Chair

Sean Barr

Joan Cuevas

Web Liaison

Karen Crouch

Ruth Fay

Renate Ní Uigín

Council Liaison

Gwen Kent

Louise Tobin

Nicky Vignoli

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